My story, compositions, and Composium's mission

I am Anouk Dyussembayeva, a 20-year old female film composer and music experience designer from Kazakhstan.

Before graduating from Almaty's No1 Childrens' Choral Music School with an honors diploma in 2017, I participated in piano competitions, both national and international, becoming a laureate of city piano contests.

My composition journey began with Phil Sanborn's Musicianship class, which I took in 2017-2018 academic year while studying at Tabor Academy, Marion, MA.

I've had the opportunity to have my compositions performed at two of Tabor's annual Spring Concerts. 52 Hertz, which is written for string ensemble and piano, premiered in 2018, and Comeback, a piece for symphonic orchestra, was performed in 2019.

I continue to write and experiment with different musical styles and harmonies. I composed a piano piece, Shore, and recently collaborated with Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory students to write and perform Qainazar, my new piece for Kazakh national instruments and piano.

Calling myself a music experience designer, I launched BookXperience, the concept that lets the audience experience a book on a new, deeper level with original music written specifically for the storyline. BookXperience: Episode One was organized in partnership with Starbucks and publishing house "MIF," and supported by Bilimkana Almaty School and Kazakhstan International School. Episode One was centered around Marion Poschmann's novel, "The Pine Islands", which was accompanied by my compositions to support the story.

Composium began with me learning about the issue of the underrepresentation of female composers compared to that of males in the film scoring industry. According to the New York Times, "for the top 100 fictional films at the box office every year from 2007 to 2017, only 16 female composers were hired, compared with more than 1,200 men." Being a female composer myself, I've wanted to shed a light on this gap, and began interviewing women composers from around the world.

As I started looking at the application process of conservatories and universities that offer undergraduate degrees in music, I found a lot of information, but still had a lot of questions at the same time. This lead me to create a blog, where I write and interview professionals from different parts of the music industry.

Composium's mission is to challenge the conventional way of thinking, deliver high-quality content, foster innovation, and educate — every step of your music journey. I hope that Composium becomes a community for every composer and musician, regardless of whether you are a fledgling or a seasoned artist.

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