What's the best school for film composers?
When choosing a university, many pay attention to the list of notable alumni — how many people who graduated from a certain institution got a job, became famous and successful?
For music schools, and composition majors in particular, the success factor tends to be measured by the amount of top-tier films scored by their graduates.

In order to find out whose graduates score the highest number of the most successful films, I took into account the top 20 movies at the 2019 Worldwide Box Office Rating of films, provided by Box Office Mojo, and looked at the composers of those motion pictures and their Alma Maters.
The results were more than interesting. When I expected to see one of the top music schools dominate the field, I noticed different correlations. They, in turn, played a bigger role than what university each composer attended.
Surprisingly, Hans Zimmer produced more successful film composers than any other university, making 35% of composers who scored the top-20 motion pictures of 2019.
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