My musical coffee experience. Pilot Episode, Part Two
Photo of the musical coffee drink
As part of my music experience design experiments, I launched a musical coffee in collaboration with Jel Coffee. The main idea is that people buy this drink and get an original composition from a local artist. Read part one here.

The pilot aired on the evening of May 5 and one person bought the drink that day. On May 6, there were no new subscribers, so I decided to visit Jel the next day (May 7) to try out the coffee and see how things are moving.
In the hour I spent at the store, I noticed no one was ordering the drink. Because this is a brand new idea, I anticipated something like this happening, planning out different marketing strategies to see which ones attract a wider audience.

Given that I review local coffee shops on TikTok as a passion project, my first idea was to post a video on the platform about the collaboration. While I didn't ponder too much about the content, I knew that I needed to grab the viewer's attention in three seconds and make the video short but informative.

I posted the TikTok at 7pm that day, and it got around 600 views within an hour. That wasn't the best stats I've ever gotten, but it was good enough. I didn't have any expectations so when I logged in 10 minutes later and saw 1300+ views, I was stunned.

The views started to exponentially rise. After three hours, it gathered 3700 views. Going into the fifth hour, the number got to 8082. 13 hours since posting, it was already 17.3k, and rose to 22.1k by the 20th hour. Currently, the view count is 26.8k. It quickly became my most-liked video (2738 likes) and also the one that got the most saves (749). The engagement and feedback have been great too.

Not sure whether it was the TikTok or the baristas correcting their pitch after I told them more about the concept, but there were already two more subscribers at the end of May 7. The next day, there were nine. Although this was an exponential growth in the number of subscribers, that number stalled and still stands at nine today. Time for new strategies…

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